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Surface Protective Coatings


A Quality Product from
THENI - India

Description :
Concrete is today’s main building material. Modern infrastructure, road and bridge construction would be inconceivable without concrete as would skyscrapers and industrial buildings. Concrete is a versatile building material used especially in civil engineering in combination with steel. Concrete and reinforced concrete are building materials that have significantly changed construction. Despite concrete’s durability, serious concrete damage that endangers a building’s existence frequently occurs. The main cause of concrete damage is reinforcement steel corrosion due to environmental influences.

The fresh concrete is highly alkaline which passivates the reinforcement steel. However when the concrete structures remain vulnerable to external atmosphere for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in all operational environments, the steel’s passivation layer (protective layer) begin to dissolve due to harmful substances that penetrate into the building material by means of moisture. The water penetrates into the concrete as deep as the steel reinforcing rods or steel mesh, depends on the porosity, to cause their rusting. The pitting corrosion starts in the steel, damaging the structural integrity.

Since the volume of the corrosion products is much higher than that of the steel, it occupy a volume equal to six times that of original steel. The formation of rust products will lead to cracking, delamination and spalling of the cover concrete when expensive stress exceeds the tensile strength of the concrete, and reduction of steel reinforcing cross section may lead to structural failure. This accelerates the corrosion process by providing as easy access for the water and chlorides to reach the steel. When corrosion products are deposited, they induce tensile stresses on the surrounding concrete, which cause cracking to occur.

features :
- Durable in all climatic conditions.
- Excellent barrier to carbon dioxide, chloride ions, sulphates, oxygen and water
- Improves the resistance of concrete to many industrial chemical
- Attractive- available in a range of colours.
- Antifungal- resistant to fungal attack
- Non yellowing :Will not yellow on exposure to UV rays.
- Chemical resistant :Excellent resistance to most industrial chemicals, acids, solvents etc.
- Hygienic : Seamless surface, easily cleaned
- Excellent adhesion : Bonds well with both steel and concrete substrates
- Excellent flexibility to withstand higher temperatures.

Product Applications :
- Chemical/petrochemical plants
- Refineries
- Power stations
- Nuclear facilities
- Industrial facades
- Wood and paper industry
- Food industry
- methanol and ethylene plants
- Natural gas storage vessels/tank farms
- Bioenergy/environmental technology
- Turbine insulation
- Cement works
- Sea water desalination
- Fertiliser factories
- Waste incineration
- Trace heating
- Underground tank
- Overhead tank
- Reservoir
- chemical plants
- Cooling Towers

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HP CRUSHER BACKING COMPOUND: 100% solids epoxy compound used for backing wear liners in Cone & Gyratory Crushers. These Crushers are used extensively in Road Infrastructure Companies and Iron Ore Mining Companies. Salient Features: 1.High Compressive & Impact strength facilitate extreme heavy duty crushing 2.Excellent volumetric stability, no formation of gap between backing and liners or main frame 3.Safe and more economical than molen Zinc 4.Minimal amount of filler settlement 5.Simple in application � just mix Resin & Hardener and pour into cavity Any clarifications please feel free to contact us at Mobile no: 9443151113 Or mail at: backingcompound@monarchindia.Net

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